Data Exchange
  • Easy exchange of data between applications via the Windows clipboard.
  • Import of existing data with the help of a user friendly import wizard.
  • Storage of defined import assignments for multiple use.
  • Exporting data: Data can be exported at various levels. Export formats: ESRI shapefile, MS Access, BioOffice exchange file.
  • Simple data exchange via the BioOffice exchange format with other BioOffice users per mouse click does not require knowledge of the underlying data model. Redundancy is prevented through the identification of individual records via GUIDs (Globaly Unique Identifier).
  • Identification of data sets via GUIDS: In BioOffice, records are labelled on all content layers through Globaly Unique Identifiers (GUID). This enables the exchange (export and re-import, respectively) of data without redundancies. Users can work on the collection of comprehensive data bases simultaneously without physical access to a common data source. Predefined interfaces for data import and data export facilitate cooperation across networks’ boundaries. Combining different data bases for comprehensive analyses is no longer a problem.