GIS Module

BioOffice GIS functionality ESRI GPS Software

  • Standard GIS functionality (Zoom, Pan, Save/store projects, labelling and classification/description of objects).
  • Load and display any number of map layers in many different formats:
vector formats such as ArcView shape files, ArcInfo coverages, DXF, Dwg, Dgn, MIF;
image formats: Tif, ArcInfo-Grid, Gif, Jpg, MrSID.
  • Graphic choice of area of interest for spatial queries and analyses.
  • On the fly projection of sites into the spatial reference system of visible layers.
  • Because BioOffice uses the ESRI projection engine, a vast number of universally used cartographic projections and spatial reference systems are available.
  • Creation of distribution maps, grid based maps, line maps and spatial frequency maps via mouse click. Distribution maps for species, taxonomic entities or freely definable queries made easy.
  • Export of query results into ESRI shapefile format.
  • Import of information from geographic layers in data base attributes (e.g. for each site the geological unit can be determined on a map and transferred into data base fields).
  • “Point-in-polygon” functions and spatial frequency maps as well a calculation of the number of objects in each polygon of a layer.
  • Import of site coordinates from ESRI shapefiles.
  • Coordinate import from Garmin GPS devices.