inatura - Erlebnis Naturschau, Dornbirn

This museum, based in the province of Vorarlberg, uses BioOffice for collection management and distribution data. For researchers and collectors connected with inatura, several single user licenses of BioOffice have been provided. Their data are easily integrated into NaturArchiv, a predecessor Database still in use.

NaturArchiv manages Administration of museums activities, which mirrors the complete workflow of inatura from keeping inventory to loans and address management.

TREBIS project European Union IST program BIOGIS multimedia software biodiversity data Museum Austria BIOGIS inatura Dornbirn Vorarlberg Austria

In the TREBIS project, funded by the European Union in the IST program, BIOGIS has developed a multimedia software for the presentation of biodiversity data and issues in collaboration with inatura. This TREBIS database is available to the visitors of inatura on 16 terminals and is continuously updated with information feed from the Biodatabase.

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