Austrian Mycological Society (ÖMG)

The Austrian Mycological Society uses BioOffice as software tool for its distribution data base of fungi in Austria. For the „Verbreitungsdatenbank der Pilze Österreichs“, a client-server version at the Institute of Botany at Vienna University and a bundle of single-user licenses are in use.

The possibility to standardize data and to adapt the application to the particular needs of the research area are seen as the most valuable assets, together with the practicability of import, export and exchange of data sets as well as the interplay of GIS and data base.

Through the co-operation between Biogis and ÖMG, BioOffice users obtain an up-to-date table of fungi taxa in Central Europe, including lichens, together with the application. This data set, compiled by acknowledged experts on the taxonomy of fungi, contains fields such as

  • Scientific name of the taxon (including authors' names)
  • German name (where available)
  • Degree of endangerment (according to various red lists of endangered fungi in Central Europe)
  • Important synonym attributions
  • Systematic attributions (family, order, class) according to the „Dictionary of the Fungi“
  • Organization of the taxa in straightforward catalogs.

In addition, courtesy of ÖMG, users of BioOffice receive a user configuration for mycological distribution data. It contains

  • Specification and labeling of fields for data entry and queries
  • Lists of defaults for area specific selection fields (in particular in the areas of ecology and taxonomy of fungi)