Taxon Explorer

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  • Taxonomy and systematics: Record information from subspecies to regnum.
  • Taxon catalogues: Working with comprehensive lists of species can be complicated and tedious. Therefore BioOffice enables the grouping of taxons in catalogues. Such a catalogue allows to unite any kind of taxons regardless of biological systemactis. Thus one can create lists of relevant species expected in a particular area for mapping projects, which speeds up and makes easier input of data.
  • Administrating synonyms: For each taxon, an unlimited number of synonyms can be used. Information regarding synonyms of taxons can be administered centrally. Synonyms are automatically included in queries.
  • Ecological information on each species: Basic information regarding ecological requirements and relations, as well as on distribution of collected taxons can be recorded.
  • Red lists: Administer Red lists for particular species based on various regional as area related or project related catalogs, respectively, with the encodings necessary and fitting descriptions as well as causes for endangerment,
  • User defined catalogues for additional attributes and features of taxons, e.g. habitats or soil types.
  • References to multimedia documents: Each taxonomic entity can be linked with multimedia elements such as pictures, soundtracks, videos and/or text documents. Thus you can record all relevant information on a species at one central place.
  • Distribution maps and object lists by mouse click: Distribution maps and/or objects lists can be displayed for each taxon in a context menu available in Taxon explorer with a click on the right or left mouse button.