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Tiroler Landesmuseen, Ferdinandeum

Since 2007 the Tiroler Landesmuseen (based in Innsbruck, Austria, State of Tyrol) are the owner of BioOffice. The "Naturwissenschaftlichen Sammlungen" under the auspices of Dr Gerhard Tarmann have employed BioOffice since its very beginning. An intensive and fruitful co-operation with BIOGIS has started in the development stages on of the first release of the software.


Meanwhile, our BioOffice database has grown to 1.3 million data sets, including sets on 450.000 butterflies and 400.000 plants. A client/server version with 10 clients is used to administer several collections and data sets of butterflies, beetles, birds mollusks and higher plants.

An important part of these data sets contain worldwide specifications on the distribution of butterflies. In this area, brisk exchange of data takes place among international scientific groups. One result of these co-operative efforts is the deployment of BioOffice in the framework of an international project researching Zygaenidae in Iran. This project employs 10 single user licenses of BioOffice.

According to Dr Gerhard Tarman, users particularly appreciate how simply all data (such as finding places, objects, taxonomy ...) can be exchanged with BioOffice.