University of Graz - Institute for Plant Sciences - Smut funghi database


At the Institute for Plant Sciences of the university of Graz (Univ. Prof. Dr. Paul Blanz and Dr. Peter Zwetko), data for the "Die Brandpilze Österreichs" (Smut fungi of Austria) project are gathered and administered with the help of BioOffice. A project report was published in the framework of the Catalogi Florae Austriae of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The maps for this publication (both a book and a CD-ROM) have been produced utilizing ArcGIS software and the BioOffice database.

This has demonstrated how well BioOffice functions together with this ESRI application. BIOGIS has programmed a specific "Atlas-Tool" module for ArcGIS called ThemaMapper, which allows fully automated generation of map series typical for atlas projects. This extension for ArcGIS is available from BIOGIS Consulting.

University Styria Graz Institute Plant Sciences Smut funghi database
The volume "Die Brandpilze Österreichs" is a available from Verlag der Akademie der Wissenschaften.


Another project where the maps have been produced using both BioOffice and ArcGIS in combination and generated automatically with BioMapper is "Die Tagfalter Südtirols" (Butterflies of the South Tyrol province, Italy) by Peter Huemer, also published in 2004.